This page is an extensive list of all projects which I have completed, all of whose source codes are available online. In case you want to talk to me about any of my projects or host an idea of improvement for any, feel free to mail me or send me a message. All of my contact details are available at my Contact Me page.

Image Recognition Projects

Predicting the type of art using CNNs and FastAI (Accuracy = 94.7%)

This project predicts whether a type of art is a drawing, a sculpture, an iconography, an engraving or a painting by reading 9000 images over all these categories.

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Data Analysis Projects

Manchester United Data Analysis #1 : How did the new managers perform?

This project gives a detailed insight on how David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho performed at the club when they became managers in their respective seasons taking into account the number of wins and losses during each season of their stay.

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Gender Demography on covers of Time from 1923-2013

This data visualization project gives an overview on how the gender fairness was maintained or neglected by Time, one of the most popular media magazines in recent times, on the cover pictures of their issues over a period of 80 years, since their advent.

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Tweet Sentiment Analyzer

This project portrays sentimentally analyzed tweets over a Leaflet map, when fed with a hastag. Tweets are fetched live, given a polarity value and mapped via different color codes with respect to the polarities.

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Analysis on freezing and thawing of Lake Mendota

Lake Mendota is the northernmost and largest of the four lakes in Madison, Wisconsin. This project charts how the freezing and thawing of the lake happened over a period of 80 years.

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Python Projects


An intelligent word-info proider which can do the work for you about finding anything about a word.

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IMDb Search Automation

Automatically redirects you to the IMDb page of a movie or a TV show by two clicks.

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Automatic Email Sender

A simple Python script which can send emails from your email ID to anyone, with authorization.

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